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from £0.41

Plastic cutter with ten blades.

from £0.56

Translucent plastic cutter with seven blades.

from £0.61

Plastic cutter with safety mechanism.

from £0.86

Maximilian house-shaped meterbox key. Utility key for items such as radiators, meterboxes, street poles. The dimensions for the opening is a square shape with 8 mm edges. ABS Plastic.

from £0.90

Stainless steel multifunctional tool with eleven functions. Functions include: knife, can opener, butterfly nut, saw, screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler, and different sized wrenches. Packaged in PU pouch.

from £1.06

Seat belt cutter. To be attached to the belt.

from £1.25

The Wallet Ninja Tool is a great multi-use promotional giveway which has 4 screw drivers (phillips, flathead, eyeglass), 6 hex wrenches, bottle opener, bottle opener, letter opener, box opener, fruit peeler, inch/centimeter ruler, and even a phone stand!The Wallet Ninja Tool is made from heat treated stainless steel, guaranteed to never rust.

from £1.64

Saki 15-function pocket tool card. 15 functions in 1 tool card with imitation leather pouch. Stainless steel.

from £1.77

Aluminium screwdriver with fur bits, level and ruler.

from £2.09

Engineer 6-function multi-tool. Compact screwdriver with big and small Philips head, big and small slot head, level and a LED light with on/off power switch. Battery included. Plastic.

from £2.21

Mini plastic tool set with four different screw bits two cross recess and two flat head including spirit level and a blue LED light. Batteries included.

from £2.49

The most practical accessory you can carry on the golf course is the 7-in-1 multi-tool.Nylon brush, Steel Brush, Divot Tool, Groove Cleaner, Spike Wrench, Putter Rest and Bottle Opener.Black. Printed logo. Min. 300pcs.



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