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Agriculture and Farm Logos

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Cultivating land and raising farm animals is an important aspect of any society. It’s time to show the world that your local farm is making a difference in your community. The best way to spread the word about your farm is with a logo.

Agriculture & Farm Logo Design Ideas

It’s time to get inspired by nature and the vegetables, fruits, crops or farm animals you grow and raise. If you have a few ideas in mind already — great! If not, browse our sample agriculture logos below to get your creative juices flowing.

Your agriculture or farming logo should be used to market your business uniquely and intelligently.  Think about what makes your farm or agricultural business different from your competitors, then translate these specialties into your new logo design. Perhaps you offer organic products, or maybe your farm is the oldest farm in the area. Whatever the case may be, take these ideas and incorporate them into your logo design. A farm logo can include shapes (such as farm animals or plants), colors (greens, browns, or golds), and fonts that people associate with your industry.

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How to design an agriculture or farm logo

Choose a style

Select a few different styles for your new farm logo, such as a badge, text, or icon design. Your logo’s style can be adjusted within our logo design app to meet your needs. For instance, add an icon above your text, or add the icon to the left of your text. Feel free to experiment.

logo style selection
logo font selection

Select a font

Believe it or not, the type of font you choose plays an important role when designing your farm logo. Whether you choose a serif, sans serif, script or decorative-style font — each will evoke a different message to your customers. Choose from hundreds of fonts from our online logo maker database.

Pick a template

Do you want your logo’s icon placed above your company name and slogan? Or perhaps you prefer the look of the icon to the left of your farm’s name? Whatever the case may be, when you design a logo using LogoMaker, you have thousands of templates to choose from.

logo icon selection
editing a logo online

Customize your logo

You’ve chosen a style, a font, and a template; now it’s time to customize your new farm logo. Our logo design software allows you to change the color of your logo’s icon, as well as your company name and slogan as you see fit. Rotate icons and change the image size as you see fit.

Design an agriculture or farm logo

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